A letter to Amazon and Flipkart

We are all shoppers some or the other time and while we would like to sometimes pick up certain things by physically going to the shops, at other times some of us do order online. I thought of writing a small letter here on this site to two of these product companies that I have … Continue reading A letter to Amazon and Flipkart

A pitstop of snow

As she touched the snowAll she could think is to go with the flowIt felt goodEven without a hoodWhile others gazedShe didn’t look hazedOf snowballs and snowmanShe didn’t seem a fanShe looked at him and then at the skiesAll she could see was a cloud full of lies Beautiful image source: Unsplash Interesting in reading … Continue reading A pitstop of snow

Date night

One pushWithout a rushThe door opensThere’s a blushHe was scurrying his wayTo pick her upThere’s an observationNo conversationShould we meetThat would be sweetDidn’t dance his wayTook a chance her wayWith two left feetWould he dance to a beatDriving through the streetTraffic was his treatShe closed the doorA little boreThe bell didn’t ringShe wouldn’t springNot just … Continue reading Date night