While we were moving

Stacey decided to move houses and Clive had to go overseas on a work assignment. We were in midst of travel within the city and out of the country. This was something really unexpected for a pup of barely 2 months old. I kept looking around in confusion. Grey was calm, I guessed she had already seen this before or that she was prepared for it. She still sat up the window sill. I did not really know how she kept yawning and taking that afternoon nap while I was wondering which end of the house I should settle myself in.

I could see a lot of boxes and travel bags in the other room. It meant there is a packing spree about to take place and I was not going to be surprised if I was put in one of those boxes. The many disadvantages of being tiny. I kept looking around and it seemed like I had to keep moving as they kept moving looking for things. Grey was smart, she somehow made sure she had her fish and milk on time. It was evening by then. I saw my things being stuffed into another box. The kid got back and hugged me tight.

“You too will have a small room inside my room.”, he said as his eyes blinked bright.

I jumped on his lap feeling secure and stayed there while he fed me and the parents said their goodbyes to the neighbours and the phone just didn’t stop ringing.

My ears are still ringing as I am trying to sleep.

Beautiful image sources: google search and alamy (Edited)

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