Of love and loss

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com On some afternoon when you step out and see lonely streets, empty roads and closed shops, you wonder if it is just one of those lazy days when nobody wants to step out or just another day of a bandh or curfew. I read a post from one of … Continue reading Of love and loss

…to be in love forever

You want to walkWith hands in my armsAs you lookFor a little romanceYou wear your capDress like a dudePose with a stanceAnd look aroundI walk your wayAs you keep lookingYou can’t utter a wordBut you are wonderingYou want to know meYou think, you lookYou think of asking aroundStill keep looking at meYou don’t utter a … Continue reading …to be in love forever

Date night

One pushWithout a rushThe door opensThere’s a blushHe was scurrying his wayTo pick her upThere’s an observationNo conversationShould we meetThat would be sweetDidn’t dance his wayTook a chance her wayWith two left feetWould he dance to a beatDriving through the streetTraffic was his treatShe closed the doorA little boreThe bell didn’t ringShe wouldn’t springNot just … Continue reading Date night