…to be in love forever

You want to walkWith hands in my armsAs you lookFor a little romanceYou wear your capDress like a dudePose with a stanceAnd look aroundI walk your wayAs you keep lookingYou can’t utter a wordBut you are wonderingYou want to know meYou think, you lookYou think of asking aroundStill keep looking at meYou don’t utter a … Continue reading …to be in love forever


Don’t think he’d be able to take his eyes off herSmitten by her, it is so clearIs still in a fixTo even speakNot yet met on a face to face dateLikes her, loves herSees her posts onlineFollows with that sparkle in the eyeHe also has a ton of followsThere’s no one else he’d rather impressWonders … Continue reading Fixation

Date night

One pushWithout a rushThe door opensThere’s a blushHe was scurrying his wayTo pick her upThere’s an observationNo conversationShould we meetThat would be sweetDidn’t dance his wayTook a chance her wayWith two left feetWould he dance to a beatDriving through the streetTraffic was his treatShe closed the doorA little boreThe bell didn’t ringShe wouldn’t springNot just … Continue reading Date night