Thought for the day

Sometimes you say you love me, sometimes you say you hate me, make up your mind because it is difficult for you to ignore meInside My Sling Bag Beautiful image source: Looking for more Food for Thought? Here’s the link! Feel like sharing the link to my site with your acquaintances, contacts, friends and … Continue reading Thought for the day

An ode to remember

Your existenceGiftOur togethernessSwiftYour smileScintillatingOur talksNever-endingYour eyesSparkleOur relationshipImmortalYour noseSharpOur walksDarkYour palmsSoftOur hand-in-handCraftYour wristBroadOur Raksha BandhanOdeYour shouldersStrongOur fun workoutLongYour armsSecureOur hugsPureYour walletFlowingOur shoppingOverflowingYour cookingLip-smackingOur rendezvousStackingYour partiesLuringOur secretsSyncedYour angerRareOur careAffairYour threatsPunOur timeUndoneYour intelligenceBenignOur reflectionsFineYour heartGoldOur dreamsUntoldYour lossSinkingOur memoriesEnduringYour guardingAngelicOur connectionBeatific 23rd of this month marks more than a decade that my brother’s death did us physically apart. This … Continue reading An ode to remember