Getting ready for some place new

Hi! I am Bruno. Last evening I moved with my human from one city to another. I didn’t really want to. The thing is I have my friends there — my neighbour tom cat Lia and also my friend from the neighbouring lane Hunter. He is a ferocious guy when it comes to others so he is in his dog house most of the time. He’s been asked to be in there, never really tied but there is a warning outside the home — Beware Of My Dog! That’s just the love his human has for him.

I moved to this new city and everything seems beaver language to me. My human is not really looking that happy either. A long distance relationship is not what he expected to have. Anyway, that will be short lived; she is moving here too — but what about me? I have to look around and get used to this kind of surrounding. I cannot run to the beach that was in our backyard, just few leaps away. I have to see how to reach that mountain top if I decide to go up there someday.


There, he can’t even leave me alone with my thoughts for a while and let me sulk. I am not angry with him but the move is not going well with either of us. He is going to hug me all night when I jump into his bed and we’re going to keep rolling while he watches television and we both somehow fall asleep in this new place while missing paws, people, and everything else that is still important.

Beautiful image source: Britannica

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