Work with me

Nicol Naiad

I am open to work and that would mean anything in terms of what you are about to read in this section.

You can browse through this website, there’s a lot of writing in here and visit my YouTube channel here. If it has what you are looking for, then all you need to do click the contact me button above or visit my contact page here and drop me an email so we can take it further from there.

Apart from what you’ve already seen on the above mentioned links to my side hustle, here are some of the other things I could work on full time considering I have prior experience in customer services, sales, marketing, retention and fundraising in various managerial roles including training — in different industries.

If you want me to work for you then we can schedule a phone call or use some other ways of communication like Skype or Zoom or finalise a face to face meeting; alternatively you can email me and we can have a detailed discussion about the role depending on our respective time zones and other factors. I suggest you mention some details about yourself, which company you are hiring for and or any collaborations you are interested in and any other essential details you think I need to know which would make it easier for our way ahead in working together.

We do come across all sorts of people and I don’t intend getting into story telling mode for it, but there might be people who do while others who don’t mention this on their site. I am looking for monetary benefits in the work that I do and while there might be some things I might sometimes do otherwise as a favour or good deed or work around in a different way, it will be completely based on situational discretion and other aspects taken into consideration.

I might add something more here
  • Website Designing
  • Photography
  • Digital Creator
  • Partnerships and Collaborations