India travel tips

Hello! I have been asked here and in other social media sites or forums about my travels and why am not doing it regularly through my travels. So here’s the thing; I am struggling. Literally! Period. I don’t have a phone, yes Adam’s gone and am facing some other major challenges through my travel. I … Continue reading India travel tips

Ramming it!

The many things that keep you drained sometimes, might in some way add to making your days ahead even better then what you thought they would be. There are some things that I think you shouldn’t stop though. Keep your smileLove ‘love’Listen to musicWorkoutAdmire natureBe thankfulHelp people around in whatever way possibleTake help when needed … Continue reading Ramming it!

Cottage cheese sandwiches

It's a super simple snack anytime of the day and turns out it doesn't require too many ingredients to do any of it. Ingredients: 8 bread slices2 big onions2 medium sized tomatoes2 medium sized capsicums500 gms cottage cheeseChilly powder (optional)Salt (optional)ButterCilantro spreadLemon (optional) Quick tip: Use the brown bread or the multigrain one, it works … Continue reading Cottage cheese sandwiches