Hi! Welcome to Inside My Sling Bag! My name is Nicol Naiad (NiNa). I have always wanted to write under a pseudonym for the fun of it; also not very keen in revealing my name — at least not for now! I know there are some regulars on this site who are curious but there is nothing much I can do about it for now.

I am glad one of the reasons you too are here is for the love of writing — though your subject, content and ideas maybe very different from mine and the reason you decided to create your blog or site might be equally different then mine. Let me guess, you also love reading and you want to know about the person behind all the writing and everything else this site has to offer, that’s why you are here, on this page right now. So, welcome again and thank you for taking the time to read!

I love sling bags, one of the reasons why this is named the way it is. I have always had diaries and planners through the years to pen down thoughts, everyday logs, or even jot down my expenses. Inside My Sling Bag is an extension to that, and it talks about everything that matters.

My happy feet love to travel but you will continue to read and see more then just travel.

Here’s a quick sneak peak about everything that explores my writing and while there’s a lot more that you can look forward to — just click the links below for specifics or go to the cloud tag on the site for more; you can find other snippets in the uncategorized section.

Mojo: This is a new section and mainly focuses on the start of your week, irrespective of it being a work week or weekend or even during a vacation. The aim is to have your charm working in different ways while continuing to keep your focus for the day intact.

Travel Unravel: A section dedicated to my happy feet and travels in India and around the world. It only talks about the places I visited and has a personal feel to it though I must agree there is a lot missing here. I have been pushing myself to make sure I don’t slack through posting these, but certain circumstances added on to why I continued to slack.

Travel: This one is dedicated to everything concerning travel and things that have helped me through my travels. These tips and checklists could be useful to you as well. These posts were a part of the Travel Unravel section earlier which I decided to split recently. This now shows up in the main menu browsing but I also have this amazing cloud of tags on this site that will make it easier for you to navigate.

What’s Cooking: A section dedicated to all my cooking endeavours in an attempt to also motivate and make cooking easier for anyone who is new to cooking or is contemplating on experimenting and getting better. I am a vegan by choice, so you will see a lot of vegan recipes too; I do put up vegetarian ones as well which also fall under the vegan cuisines category sometimes and also meat recipes though I don’t eat any. Cooking is really simple and that stands true for any cuisine — you just need to want to do it!

Paw Capers: This is a section of self help for paw owners old and new and also animal loving and care giving people who spend a noticeable chunk of their time with animals. The intention is to make this a regular every alternate week like it has been, but there is no posting when there is nothing really concrete to write about — and no I don’t intend becoming a veterinarian anytime now or in the future.

Tales from Tails: This is a sub section of Paw Capers because every paw has it’s story and to be able to put it out here just feels so good. I constantly meet and come across paws through my travels and also have acquaintances and friends who continue to have paws and these stories are mostly about these paws, excerpts from their everyday lives and perspective. As a person who likes or rather loves animals, you somehow tend to have a better understanding of their feelings and observing them seems more of a fun thing than a task and avoiding them is not even an option.

Food for Thought: This is a section dedicated to making you think about things that might matter now and also in the future. It might make you put your thinking hat on. It has everyday thoughts and experiences that could possibly resonate with you. It might also make you intrigued in a way to want to make subtle changes in your life that can help you and the environment around you.

Grand Ode: This is a section dedicated to my grandparents and has odes that I have written from the heart of whatever I have known and recollect of them. There are other odes dedicated to my immediate family and other things deemed important in time and life.

Poetry: This section has both fiction and non fiction. The fiction consists of a lot of creative outlet writing and sometimes has the imagination running without an actual muse. I chose to not tag any of these in any of the posts for your reading pleasures. A lot of the poetry is instantly written with barely any overthinking and zero edits unless something just doesn’t fall into place but there is a lot that goes into each one of them and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

About Photography:

Sources to photographs that I haven’t clicked have been mentioned wherever possible, my way of possibly directing you to other’s sites and see if something interests you there or you wanting to offer them work based on what you see here.

I still secretly hope you like what you see Inside My Sling Bag while my coffee partially helps me with all that I do!


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Everything you see on this site solely belongs to Inside My Sling Bag and anything you need to use in any form (don’t expect you to take permission if you are cooking my recipes at home 🙂) or in any type of media needs prior permission and also I need to be notified once posted with a link or any other reference to the same.

Things on this site may not seem impressive to some of you but that does not take away the fact that I value and am proud of what is in here!