Human’s time out

No! Don’t go by the photograph, it’s super deceiving “No, won’t work today.” The cutest face I could ever make, but it wouldn’t work. One more try. “How about this face? (Tongue out in between my two big teeth, but the cute part only)” “Nothing is going to work, not this time around.” ...seems like … Continue reading Human’s time out


No, thankfully this was not my headgear — this is just how Zoey makes me feel Blackhorn! Yes that’s my name. I know it must be sounding weird for some reason but there is nothing much I can do about it, I’m just glad that nobody has attempted a nickname with the second half. I … Continue reading Homebound

Munchkin’s day out — I am the lucky munchkin!

I was running the other day, just playing around with another buddy. We were invited by a human friend. I like going there because of the play space they have, there’s a swimming pool too. That’s just one thing. We were going for an outing and I was invited too, so this was us lifting … Continue reading Munchkin’s day out — I am the lucky munchkin!