Super simple sandwiches

It’s the middle of the night and you got hungry or it’s early in the morning and you want to fix a quick breakfast. Ingredients: 8 bread slices2 big onions2 medium sized tomatoes2 medium sized carrots2 medium sized capsicums2 big cucumbersButterCilantro spreadLemon (optional) Here’s how you can do a super simple cilantro (coriander) chutney or … Continue reading Super simple sandwiches

Vegan toast sandwich with a cilantro spread

One of the things that really concerns a lot of people who change their food preferences in terms of what they consume is what will they eat and still feel healthy and energetic after the exclusion of certain foods — this includes me! Right from transitioning from being a non vegetarian to being a vegetarian … Continue reading Vegan toast sandwich with a cilantro spread

Onion tomato chutney with a twist

What are you having for breakfast tomorrow morning? Why don’t you give this chutney* (dip) a try? Onion tomato chutneys are known to just have onions and tomatoes as their main ingredients, here’s my twist to it, something you will not regret making. Ingredients: For a small portion** 2 medium sized onions1 medium sized tomato2 … Continue reading Onion tomato chutney with a twist