Spiced buttermilk

I thought anyone could do with some flavours in their buttermilk. You can get a similar one from the stores if it is available in your country but here’s something that can cool your system really well anytime of the day, any day of the year! I haven’t made this in a long time and … Continue reading Spiced buttermilk

Dosas with a twist

A good day could start with some healthy breakfast or it could do with some nice brunch to keep the day going. Here’s something with barely any ingredients required yet promises a full stomach. This here also does not have anything for your visual delight, make it to see it. Go ahead and give it … Continue reading Dosas with a twist

Onion tomato chutney with a twist

What are you having for breakfast tomorrow morning? Why don’t you give this chutney* (dip) a try? Onion tomato chutneys are known to just have onions and tomatoes as their main ingredients, here’s my twist to it, something you will not regret making. Ingredients: For a small portion** 2 medium sized onions1 medium sized tomato2 … Continue reading Onion tomato chutney with a twist