Friendships and keeping it real

I value friendships. I always do and it works vice versa too (that’s what we’d all like to think). There may be times when you are in a situation or situations where friends are all the people you have around and they end up being the only ones or you may be having a ton … Continue reading Friendships and keeping it real

A pitstop of snow

As she touched the snowAll she could think is to go with the flowIt felt goodEven without a hoodWhile others gazedShe didn’t look hazedOf snowballs and snowmanShe didn’t seem a fanShe looked at him and then at the skiesAll she could see was a cloud full of lies Beautiful image source: Unsplash Interesting in reading … Continue reading A pitstop of snow

Date night

One pushWithout a rushThe door opensThere’s a blushHe was scurrying his wayTo pick her upThere’s an observationNo conversationShould we meetThat would be sweetDidn’t dance his wayTook a chance her wayWith two left feetWould he dance to a beatDriving through the streetTraffic was his treatShe closed the doorA little boreThe bell didn’t ringShe wouldn’t springNot just … Continue reading Date night