Morning muse and other things

I woke up to some heavy rains this morning and decided to do some meditation and cardio instead of stepping out. Some chats later and wondering why one of the websites wouldn't open, and browsing through some social media and checking the notifications on this site, I happened to come across this. Awww thank you … Continue reading Morning muse and other things

Thought for the day

Traes Woffic: No, this word does not belong to any new found language. I invented it for moments of mixed emotions — when you need to respond to loads of likes, comments and followers on your website and other social media accounts. Inside My Sling Bag Beautiful image source: hoodedmarketing Looking for more Food for … Continue reading Thought for the day

Beautiful nights, distractions, social media and of addictions

A beautiful night can sometimes include some vegan cold coffee — is that a good thing? Well, the start of a beautiful night can surely include that along with some real blissful silence — if you know what I mean! Midnight snacking sometimes is not a bad thing, but I am devoid of it at … Continue reading Beautiful nights, distractions, social media and of addictions