Of course I like vodka!

Photo by Christian Fridell on Pexels.com Some combinations work wonders and they can be really delicious or can just work wonders on you for any reason. Ingredients: VodkaFruit drink (your choice)SaltIce cubes In a glass, add vodka and fruit juice in 6:2 ratio depending on your capacity. Add some ice cubes and put some salt … Continue reading Of course I like vodka!

Blue that vodka!

When I started to write this post I didn't have a drink in a REALLY long time, so this is my attempt at tempting you to have one 😉 while I keep my fingers crossed to have many soon! 😉 Photo by Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/Stylist on Pexels.com Do you like getting drunk or just … Continue reading Blue that vodka!