Dark, rich and creamy

Having a super hectic day? Need something to calm down your ever increasing anxiety or even for that matter you just want to feel good and a rush of I-will-get this-done, then here’s something quick you can make for yourself. Oh yes! You do get some readymade ones in the stores as well. Ingredients: 2 … Continue reading Dark, rich and creamy

Meals and a snack

Lately I have been thinking that I do a lot of food posts and that it must not be so regular; however it so happens that sometimes I just like sharing it here for no particular reason. Main course: Lentils curry fry, potato and ladies finger fry and chapatis Main course: Lentils fry, rice and … Continue reading Meals and a snack

Vegan toast sandwich with a cilantro spread

One of the things that really concerns a lot of people who change their food preferences in terms of what they consume is what will they eat and still feel healthy and energetic after the exclusion of certain foods — this includes me! Right from transitioning from being a non vegetarian to being a vegetarian … Continue reading Vegan toast sandwich with a cilantro spread