Coconut chutney/dip

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Looking for a quick dip or chutney to team up with dosa or any other snack? Here's a 10 minute quick one! 1 coconutSalt4 green chilliesMustard seedsCurry leaves Method: Break, cut and grate the coconut.Add 4 green chillies and some salt along with the coconut in a mixer or … Continue reading Coconut chutney/dip

Honey glazed peanuts

A super simple and quick 2 ingredient recipe that will be ready in barely 5 minutes and can be devoured anytime in the day. Ingredients: Handful or two of peanuts2 tablespoons honey Serves: 2Preparation time: 5 to 10 minutes Method: In a non stick or any other frying pan, add some raw peanuts with the … Continue reading Honey glazed peanuts