A pitstop of snow

As she touched the snowAll she could think is to go with the flowIt felt goodEven without a hoodWhile others gazedShe didn’t look hazedOf snowballs and snowmanShe didn’t seem a fanShe looked at him and then at the skiesAll she could see was a cloud full of lies Beautiful image source: Unsplash Interesting in reading … Continue reading A pitstop of snow


I keep watching youFrom acrossSometimes I talk loudSometimes I don’t talk at allI don’t know what to doAs I keep watching youWhen do I talk to youWill I ever doLet the rain pourAs I adoreSometimes in silenceOther times in noneDesperate or notI could answer thatTo myself to youWhen I happen to talk to youI keep … Continue reading Anticipation

Food, some poetry, way of life and some reviews in the making

Don’t be surprised about the wonders that jaggery can do on any given day. So here’s a shot you might enjoy, also there’s still a way you can devour it right now — Virtually? Yes, of course! Actually? — only if you’re living nearby. You wouldn’t want to sit across the globe and relish something … Continue reading Food, some poetry, way of life and some reviews in the making

Rant a little

Human communications and interactions have come a long way and while we do not mind face to face interactions, we also depend on gadgets, mobile networks, internet services and other modes of communication. Left sideRight sideUpsideDownsideNo networkIt doesn’t workOh please workJust doesn’t workSad faceBugged faceWorried faceWonder faceCan anyone be without a working phoneIn this age … Continue reading Rant a little