Chennai to BombayWasn’t easy for youYou did it anywayWhat can I say about youIn her wombI spent nine monthsLittle did she know I would be such a havocIn the coming monthsMy first flight with youYou couldn’t forgetOh! What a troubleSo you chose to not forgetMother of two humans, some fish and a canineI think you … Continue reading Mom‘o’sphere

100 days, 100 posts

Something made me want to start writing this post a couple of days back and I wanted to make sure to not miss out on mentioning any of the important things that I value and am truly thankful for — it’s my way of showing gratitude or even feeling happy about what I have here … Continue reading 100 days, 100 posts

An ode to remember

Your existenceGiftOur togethernessSwiftYour smileScintillatingOur talksNever-endingYour eyesSparkleOur relationshipImmortalYour noseSharpOur walksDarkYour palmsSoftOur hand-in-handCraftYour wristBroadOur Raksha BandhanOdeYour shouldersStrongOur fun workoutLongYour armsSecureOur hugsPureYour walletFlowingOur shoppingOverflowingYour cookingLip-smackingOur rendezvousStackingYour partiesLuringOur secretsSyncedYour angerRareOur careAffairYour threatsPunOur timeUndoneYour intelligenceBenignOur reflectionsFineYour heartGoldOur dreamsUntoldYour lossSinkingOur memoriesEnduringYour guardingAngelicOur connectionBeatific 23rd of this month marks more than a decade that my brother’s death did us physically apart. This … Continue reading An ode to remember