Morning views and talks

Just another day... This is not ‘the one’ 7:30 am: A peep from the french window in the morning saw some pretty colourful views. For starters, how about a bright green and yellow toy car for kids. The fresh green and dried brown leaves didn’t really make way for a clearer view but it was … Continue reading Morning views and talks

Mornings and some sarcasm

A bowl of cereals with mixed fruits and dried fruits accompanied with a glass of soy milk to start with during any of my mornings seems just perfect sometimes. Well, I would say it more often when it is consistently available. I am void of it currently so there is nothing much I can talk … Continue reading Mornings and some sarcasm

Some good breakfast, the rains and a dude in distress

Some hot chocolate and coffee anyone? These noodles and potato wedge fries can never go wrong — hot n spicy! Sometimes, it’s just nice to devour something like this and then this is how the weather can influence you with the scenes outside. It started to slowly get darker and colder outside. The windows were … Continue reading Some good breakfast, the rains and a dude in distress