Airport trips

Jon asked me to stay while he picked up P from the airport. I obviously did not want to stay home. He always takes me to the airport and it is really not going too well with me that he asked me to stay. Photo by Kampus Production on I have questions though. Stay … Continue reading Airport trips

Puppy love

A cute little pupHe wandered with luckLanded at a girl’s doorShe opened her heart moreHe entered insideWith inquisitive eyesWalking through that doorMeant something moreOff he went gallopingFrom one end of the houseLanded at the other endRolled over to see moreHe got back up and ran another directionHe needed to go underneathThat seat so lowSeemed like … Continue reading Puppy love

Munchkin’s day out — I am the lucky munchkin!

I was running the other day, just playing around with another buddy. We were invited by a human friend. I like going there because of the play space they have, there’s a swimming pool too. That’s just one thing. We were going for an outing and I was invited too, so this was us lifting … Continue reading Munchkin’s day out — I am the lucky munchkin!