It’s about timing sometimes

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Milo , that’s my name. Extremely unhappy right now. I have been asked to live with a dog that I absolutely dislike. The other day’s interaction has not really been something that I liked either.

The only thing that kept me going with a hurt paw is the attention Royston has been giving me. Feeding me every single time and treating me like a baby that I am able to use his kid’s cradle. It has really been so good that I can doze off for hours without worrying about anything for that matter. The fish on my whiskers is so good that I could probably lick it for a billion times more.

I don’t know how many more days I will be able to deal with the growl of this dog considering my only chance of survival seems so thin every time I look into his eyes. The only thing that I am waiting for is to find a space that is not accessible by anyone except the one that needs to feed me.

Depressing as it may sound to some others reading this I am hoping for things to change to the relation Altia and Lucy have. Altia the dog and Lucy the cat.

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