Food tastes better with you baby!

I am doing some crazy backdated posts as well but I can’t resist sharing some pictures that a part of my current travels. I do have lots of food for your thoughts but here’s what I had before typing one out for you.

oh yes!

That right there is some South Indian meals I got treated to during my travels in South India. I didn’t have company eating but a friend through my travels accompanied me for sure.

We don’t often think about what food does; apart from filling our stomach and keeping us going through our days and lives.

Food gets people together and even paws for that matter. Ever had your paw come and join you for lunch or dinner? There are animals that even hunt in groups in the wild for food.

We have loads of people eat out and various food joints irrespective of which country of the world you live in or go to. You might think you are going out to eat alone sometime, but you are not. You still have other people eat with you or serve you at those food places. Technically food did get you together with those people.

What’s your favourite food and when did you last have it? Food does get people and animals too together, am I right or am I right?

Like what you read or even if you don’t, here’s more! 😉

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