Cooking during travels

One of the days I thought if there was anyway I could club some cooking into travel or during my travels. I ended up doing just that and how could I possibly not share it here on this space where so many of you drop by, read regularly, show all that love and support in different ways and have been following ever since I started here. I am SO grateful.

I did my first EVER ‘Cooking during Travels’ in Pondicherry and made it a one day and one night event. I didn’t really get any crowd or maybe that people did not know enough to visit, but I am glad that I did it and this could change later and for all I know I might run out of food when people are still waiting to buy and eat.

For anyone who is not very active on Instagram, here’s something!

During the day
I eventually headed out at 6 in the evening
During the night

Everyone who is reading this can clearly tell that it flopped but I will not say it completely did and nor can I say that I won’t do it again. For all those who are in India currently, we might just bump into each other and I might be cooking and you can buy some food and add some budget to my travel expenses!

You might have missed some of these!

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