4 am and other things

Photo by Luci on Pexels.com

4 am: Eyes wide open, just had some partially good sleep, maybe that’s why! Partially because something has kept me restless. I did remember you Jo, you sure know why.

As the day progressed, I sat pondering about how certain things were just not working out; like the desperate want to work out; but at the same time kept wondering why certain deliveries were slacking – was it the company or the delivery guys in the city?

I did do some yummilicious cooking, photographs of which I didn’t click – just devoured; though the want of sharing it was super strong but that didn’t happen so my taste buds got lucky.

Sometime later in the day: Two well dressed guys came to get some feedback on some books for kids. If you’re in India and happen to see some books named Apple Kids, pick them up for your tiny tots. They might just like them.

Some of this with some unwanted pain, running nose and water cut left me wanting to say something that I have thought of in the past too, but this time in an optimistic way.

Dear God,

When I ask if the day can get any better, don’t treat it as a rhetorical question, but take it as a challenge.

I then decide to call it a partially sulking night and sleep over it. Did you get some good sleep in your part of the world? I hope you all did!

New additions to my home page, have a look!

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