While scrolling…

…through posts like I always do and obviously liking and commenting on the ones that I follow regularly, the likes and comments seemed to have disappeared. I have been doing this on the application and for some reason when I randomly scroll again it’s not there. I have no idea why this is occurring so regularly lately and it is a matter of concern — at least for me and maybe for you too irrespective of whether or not you get enough traffic on your site.

Hello! Shouting out to all the beautiful people, are you facing this or have you faced this before?

Wonder if you have taken this poll as yet — No? Why don’t you dearies?

Beautiful image source: gettrendy

2 thoughts on “While scrolling…

  1. WordPress has been going through some weirdness of late. Blogs I have been following dropping off time and again. Comments posted and then nothing but a blank screen appears. They must be doing some upgrading. Cheers

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