‘Here today, gone tomorrow’

One of the many feelings of a person losing hair and on the way to being bald.

The ones who go bald on purpose in some South Asian countries, specially in India for some sort of religious oaths or others around the world as a fashion trend or the weather being too hot to handle – they ask for it. There are others though who go through some strong antibiotic treatment and lose it because of medication but for those who gradually have a receding hairline or a full moon centre, their situation and feelings are hard to describe – most being men.

The ones who love their hair to an extent that they carry a comb in their back pocket or even laptop bag or any other backpack or have a place for it in their car, start to have a difficult time not being able to look in the mirror and comb that hair. Worrying about trying to hide that bald or finding a solution that gets the hair back or at least stop it from falling further adds to losing what is left. Hair weaving and wigs are solutions that not everyone wants to adopt.

Some say its hereditary
Some say they lack care
Some say its the water
Some say they don’t oil their hair
Some say its the food
Some say they eat right very rare
Some say its the stress
Some say they don’t shampoo their hair
Some say its the age
Some say they just don’t care

My sympathies with all the bald people in this world. I wouldn’t know and so empathy will surely not help here.

Here’s what else is new.

4 thoughts on “‘Here today, gone tomorrow’

  1. Ha Ha. Being bald is not such a problem 1) I am low maintenance 2) I save on shampoo 3) I save on haircuts/styling. I got my baldness from both Grandpas, so am proud to own their hairstyle. I don’t miss my hair one bit. Stay well. Allan

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