7929 views, 3055 visitors

Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

I logged into this website and decided to browse for a while and came across the stats and insights section – 7929 views, 3055 visitors, it said. I thought this was a good thing to be able to see these numbers while I secretly kept wishing for something else too. I am not sure if you saw this, but if you did then great; go right ahead and subscribe! There is a direct link on every page to make it more accessible to you and to others that you would like to share it with.

On a side note, would you like to see a YouTube channel trailer about my channel? It’s going to be up soon. Do anyone of you reading this right now have a YouTube channel too? Put the link in the comments below and I would love to see yours while you watch and subscribe to mine.

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