Food, some poetry, way of life and some reviews in the making

Don’t be surprised about the wonders that jaggery can do on any given day. So here’s a shot you might enjoy, also there’s still a way you can devour it right now — Virtually? Yes, of course! Actually? — only if you’re living nearby. You wouldn’t want to sit across the globe and relish something that reaches you and is already spoilt, would you?

Two of a different kind — delights with jaggery as a base

I don’t mind sharing food — it will be over soon though! (Not bragging, I sometimes do get these requests, but some anonymous ones don’t send me their address, else you know!) That’s what photographs do, don’t they? The texture of these sweets turned out amazingly good and it tasted SO delicious that I relished every bite. As much as several times I like self criticism and it serves the purpose so does some rare self appreciation.

But not in haste

But not brawling

Stealing the internet from someone else is not a good practice and just goes to show the kind of person or people that you are and what you will grow up to be — irrespective of your age and other aspects. Over the past many days my internet data gets exhausted way before time and the amount that I use is comparatively less — that’s my mobile data I’m talking about! It is easy to hack and upset someone but I am not looking for such fodder to fill up my writing space or spend my time worrying about why my phone has behaved weird and am being unable to communicate with people. Anyone with the right frame of mind wouldn’t be doing such a thing and won’t knowingly encourage anyone else either.

Prying won’t help, most of the times you might end up being a serious case of curiosity killed the cat.

Inside My Sling Bag
(with some inspiration from Snailthumb Knight)

I finally went for a walk at night, was unable to pick up any groceries but it also made me realize sometimes dogs communicate more then humans. Are we very smart or too intelligent or what?

Note to self: This is not the first time, is it?

I have thought about doing some reviews on certain tech stuff related to photography and other things in an upcoming post and it could possibly help some of you who are interested in these things to make the right decisions and also the rest of you dropping by my site regularly and loving what I put out here.

This beautiful site continues to have follows just about in the hundreds and while I continue to be thankful for these distinct follows I am also thankful for those who unfollow!

Beautiful image sources: slideshare on Google, 123rf, shutterstock, dreamstime

8 thoughts on “Food, some poetry, way of life and some reviews in the making

  1. Ooo, tech stuff relating to photography? Sounds interesting indeed. I once dabbled in photography, but I suck at it, and would love to learn more about the subject. Count me in as one of the interested people!

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