Heck, you sure should remember that!

This is something I like to keep reminding myself about — don’t just write or post something for the sake of it or because you want to kill time or maintain a continuity in posting regularly or everyday.

One of the many things I like to remind myself about when I am hitting the publish on my site is that as much as I enjoy writing, there are many of you who love reading what I write and hence the likes, the comments, the shares and the follows. There are also many of you who probably get inspired by what I write, by the fact that I post everyday, by the things that I mention — that somewhere some of you relate to some of it, while others relate to most of it. There are things that resonates with you where some of you agree with the nod of your head but sometimes don’t leave a comment to express your agreement while others do so. You would rather hit that like and be done with it because you have other posts that you want to read or other things that are running in your sometimes cluttered mind.

There might be some of you who get influenced and start doing things you have never tried or you dreaded to try before reading one of my posts. I barely have follows in the hundreds to say, but I don’t underestimate the power of my words, posts, this beautiful site, my readers, follows, visitors — all of you who share my posts and site address with others who don’t know it exists and what they can find that has interested you and will interest them too. You are all so distinct — residing in different countries – cities, states, provinces, territories, come from different cultures and backgrounds, different colours and creeds, different mindsets, having had different experiences. I appreciate you for being here on my site, for spending your invaluable time reading my posts and for all of your constant support.

Reading what I put out here should add to what you already have and not in anyway make you feel otherwise or diminish your wants, interests and thoughts of wanting to read more here or on others’ sites because that my dearies would be nothing but a deal breaker!

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