Meals and a snack

Lately I have been thinking that I do a lot of food posts and that it must not be so regular; however it so happens that sometimes I just like sharing it here for no particular reason. Main course: Lentils curry fry, potato and ladies finger fry and chapatis Main course: Lentils fry, rice and … Continue reading Meals and a snack

Midnight musings

I heard some birds in the middle of the night — chirping and cawing! It was surprising as it was not morning yet and rare instances as these means birds are as confused about what time of the day it is as sometimes we humans are. Maybe it is too bright for some reason even … Continue reading Midnight musings

In the dark

She sat in a room so darkAs she looked around like a larkWondering what to doSleep was the last thing,adoThe dark skies invitingShe wondered what they were citingShe blinkedWondering if anyone there winkedFor things most people needed bright lightShe could see those in that dark night You might want to read these as well!