Cycle of all cycles

As you start to flowThere’s no stopping you knowAs you continue to flowNo stop intended you knowSome three, some fiveDoesn’t matter who’s in a hiveDuring a good fiveIt shouldn’t make you naiveIt might painNo matter if you reignBear the painAs you continue to reignIn times like theseIf you feel disdainYou’ll get over theseAnd pass disdainKeep … Continue reading Cycle of all cycles

Rant a little

Human communications and interactions have come a long way and while we do not mind face to face interactions, we also depend on gadgets, mobile networks, internet services and other modes of communication. Left sideRight sideUpsideDownsideNo networkIt doesn’t workOh please workJust doesn’t workSad faceBugged faceWorried faceWonder faceCan anyone be without a working phoneIn this age … Continue reading Rant a little