Travel, erratic schedules and the cycle

Photo by Jason Toevs on She frets Yet interprets Somehow smiles Has to travel some miles Wonders why Isn't that shy Others have questions She has no suggestions They ask why And continue to pry Photo by Alina Blumberg on It's her body She's not a tody It bothers her She wants to … Continue reading Travel, erratic schedules and the cycle

Cycle of all cycles

As you start to flowThere’s no stopping you knowAs you continue to flowNo stop intended you knowSome three, some fiveDoesn’t matter who’s in a hiveDuring a good fiveIt shouldn’t make you naiveIt might painNo matter if you reignBear the painAs you continue to reignIn times like theseIf you feel disdainYou’ll get over theseAnd pass disdainKeep … Continue reading Cycle of all cycles