Like a ram!

Surely not clicked on the day of the post!

Ah! Do I look excited enough or what? I just climbed a tiny mucky space in the surrounding of one of my stays during my travels lately. The weather has been pretty challenging in the past couple of days and it is surely not that time of the weather when you would want to do hikes but my good ‘yo’ self has done it in the past and didn’t stop to do it this time.

I have uploaded a tiny video of what it looked like. I have been capable of slipping and falling in the past couple of days for no darn reason, just out of the blue! I decided to take it slow considering no appropriate footwear for this slippery climb.

What do you do when it rains? Cozy up and sit home or darn the rains, am going out? Ignore my wild hair but those flowers do look good, don’t they?

Want more food for thought? Here it is!

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