Travel as you like it!

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If you want to travel, go travel; nobody gives a darn about what you want in life – really! Specially if it’s about travel. Go start traveling, there will be well wishers and people who actually love what you do and your decision to do so. If you keep waiting for a particular person to come along with you, it will never happen. This mostly happens in love relationships – boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, homosexual relationships etc.

The right time to travel is NOW and if someone values you enough they will be with you or accompany you; basically make time for you. Solo travel is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I say this with all my heart. It’s not like I don’t enjoy company but I am very glad am travelling in India before I conquer the world in my travels.

I have been through a lot of difficult situations lately and it’s not been easy but I tell this to you with all my heart and soul; make sure you do travel solo atleast once in your life.

You will meet so many people during your travels, not only from your own country but also from other countries. As I am writing this, I am sulking and am disheartened about a lot of things today and over the days.

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