India travel tips

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Hello! I have been asked here and in other social media sites or forums about my travels and why am not doing it regularly through my travels. So here’s the thing; I am struggling. Literally! Period. I don’t have a phone, yes Adam’s gone and am facing some other major challenges through my travel.

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I thought what I could share with you though is some initial tips for travel in a country like India.

  • Solo travel is not a bad thing
  • Be willing to get the looks
  • Remember you’re your first ’go to’ person
  • Be sure you want to travel to or in this country
  • People and paws are everywhere
  • Smile, it doesn’t cost a thing – trust me!
  • Always carry music around, you never know when it can be your favourite company
  • Carrying a rucksack or backpack is SO good

Like travel? I do too! There’s more in the Travel Unravel section up there.

6 thoughts on “India travel tips

    1. LaDonna thanks for checking on me ever so often, so much love to you ♥️
      Everything is not okay with me, someone stole my phone, among other things but am still travelling. Will put up some travel posts soon but make sure you check my IG handles here: nicolnaiad, naiadnicol8, humansoftheworld.1
      YouTube: inside my sling bag (both channels)

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      1. Oh no, I’m sorry. I am sending you lots of love and prayers as you navigate this. I’m sure they put a damper on your travels. I love that you didn’t stop traveling because of it. Take very good care. I look forward to hearing how you are doing and the sights you are seeing ♥️

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      2. Hey LaDonna! Warm hugs to you and Charlie though am freezing in here. Thanks for all the love and prayers means so much! Well trying to take all the care I can 😊❤️ Continue watching and see if you can spread the word and increase my follows and subscribes 💕✨

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