Restlessly yours

Photo by Ray Bilcliff on

Yes I am a bit tired and laid back today and it has nothing to do with you ; apart from looking at this person trying really hard to have a bath. I saw her looking at the same time in the same direction that her house help looked at her. I didn’t know what to tell because it so happens that I also have been very restless for some reason.

“Are you coming for a short run?”

“I don’t know”, my face had a pout and I put my head down again.

“Let’s go in the evening then.”

I spent the whole day sleeping on the sofa ahead. There was nothing I was going to do and I had a fear of not being able to get back this space on the couch again.

I waited, “There’s just two portions left sweetie”, came the voice I waited for. She was back from her run and preparing our meals for the day. We both have been restless ever since a while and it’s better we discuss the reason with each other rather than with anyone else.

The night was spent quiet yet restless. We will just wait for few days to pass till we actually get down to talking to each other, which might happen today or maybe just any day, but it has to be soon!

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