Ha! Mojo and what not eh?

Photo by Abdullahi Abdulquadri on Pexels.com

I don’t know if I have any mojo left in me to give you all reading this but I can tell you what’s going on with me and am still typing. I am in a couple of tough situations which is not something I invited for sure. I didn’t invite any of those situations. It is so deeply disheartening for me to be in these situations when am trying to do something seriously in midst of travel and other things on top of my head.

I did not really know how to put up this post so I decided to just tell you what I did to continue keeping myself going without breaking down completely.

I cried myself to sleep, well not all night!

I barely slept and woke up to workout for like more then an hour

Kept trying to reach some people

Kept myself hydrated

Ate what I could eat

Listened to some music

Some fresh air could help beach babe I thought and heading off to the waters

Like what you read? There’s more! Just go to the link up there, it says Mojo!!

16 thoughts on “Ha! Mojo and what not eh?

      1. All good here. Weather is finally tolerable, so biking to work is a pleasure.
        Heading to the summer cottage in a week and to Croatia a few weeks after that. You?

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