Finally back home

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on

Sarah and I need to go to the market this afternoon. We just got back from a really long vacation and I think it was work and vacation. She clicked a lot of photographs of me as well apart from doing other things I didn’t really understand much about. I am still feeling sleepy but she hasn’t had one yet; not that I have seen.

“Croz! Come on over, have your food”

I wish the food comes to me.

“Here, have it and drink some water too. You haven’t had water after the flight”

I don’t like flights and she knows about it, so she makes sure that it is rare I have to take one. Mimi is coming over for shopping and lunch thereafter. Mimi is my cute caretaker specially when Sarah is away. It doesn’t really matter much when she says, ”You are going to have it from me Croz.”

She loves me way too much too and today we are going meat shopping and for some other stocks. It’s been two months that we have been away. Its the bell, let me see if it is Mimi.

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