Fishing tale

The other day I decided to walk by the river bed. Josh was fishing there. He likes his weekend and away from city hustle home once in a while and I Alexander am witness that we haven’t caught a single fish till date. Yes, that’s a fact!

Photo by Ioan-Daniel Plesa on

The snow had just melted and we thought it was a good time to get the fishing rods out. It was going to be yet another day of zero fish, I thought. I kept looking at the squirrels running down the trees and we played for a while when suddenly Josh could not pull the string, something got stuck to it and it was heavy. A dog who is scared of huge whales and other sea life, all I could hope for is that he did not catch a whale that would rise high and put it’s heavy body on us, drowning us many feet under the water or just underneath itself.

“Chinook salmon!”, he screamed.

“Did you see that Alex?”


I wanted to eat not look, but I went sniffing around to be convinced that it was dead. We spent the remaining time in him rejoicing that he finally caught a huge fish in more then a decade of fishing. The feeling was ecstatic and we went to burn some wood and roast the fish next to the river bank. I cannot deny that it was fresh and tender and Josh did a great job roasting it.

I am sleepy like any other human or animal who had a good meal feels like in most situations. I do want to tell you about our drive though in an upcoming post.

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