Deep in the woods

Photo by Spencer Gurley on

Phillip is always busy in the woods. I see him cutting wood every time we are here in the trail. He does that to keep us warm and then spends hours planting new ones. We are away for a whole week. Away from the city. I like this time here and I don’t have my kennel club friends but have squirrels and this open space, some really good food and Phillip.

There is no network here or that’s what it seems like because I don’t see him talking to anyone. I have spent time posing when he is clicking with that camera. He was showing it to me one of the days and I did not understand much but I do understand when he asks me to stay in one place and then clicks. We watch photographs and videos on the big screen back home and it feels so real as though I am there in that moment.

I am scared of honey bees, oh yes! I am a big doggo but they scare me and I cannot tell you exactly why they do so. I am going in doors to have a good sleep after all this nature seeping in from the atmosphere and all the fresh marinated food I had with Phillip giving me some real good company.

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