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Hopeless romantic has been superly busy, or that’s what I would like to assume so I don’t have much company at weird hours that I write posts and do other things. I sometimes get asked if am travelling solo and I have been wanting to do one on solo travel in a while; so here goes some basic tips to travel solo as a woman traveller or just a traveller. Solo – the word simply means you are on your own(unaccompanied) unless you meet people on the way who you will by default spend sometime with or it could be a long term connection for all you know. I can assure you one thing, you will never regret solo travel!

  • Love yourself enough to take care of yourself when you are travelling solo – read belongings, finances, food, happiness, health (emotional, mental and physical), safety et al.
  • Learn to enjoy your own company and keep yourself motivated and entertained at all times
  • You will surely find good people everywhere you go – remember people are helpful everywhere in the world and you just need to ask.
  • Be ready for unexpected hospitality and freebies, it just happens and be courteous enough to accept it. People just like you enough to offer it for you.
  • See how you can give back to the communities wherever you go – there is this sense of happiness you will unknowingly derive while doing this.
  • It’s okay to not capture everything and put it up on social media when you travel, sometimes you just live the moments, unless you’re travelling only to show people or impress someone with your travel or someone has sponsored you and wants you to capture everything and put it out there.
  • Some people will have opinions about you – that’s okay you do you!

Knowing myself and my love for travel am sure to make another post on solo travel later again and that might be a lengthier one for all I know.

Whether or not you like to travel, do you like to read about it? Well then, there’s more here and here!

7 thoughts on “Solo travel

  1. Great post! I’ve been traveling full time for six years, Mostly on my own. I would just add a few things. Be a little adventurous. Don’t meet strangers for drinks after dark but do go hiking, biking, horseback riding where you aren’t alone. Get out of the big cities. Take the chicken bus . Talk to people. And don’t forget to take some down time so you’re in good shape.

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    1. Thanks Camino, it’s great to know that! Thanks for sharing these, they might go into a later post. I do most of these too 😂! How’s it going with you, if I may ask, which country are you in right now?


  2. I have found that solo travel really shows how kind and willing to help people really are. Whenever I travel with another person we generally just get on with our day, but travelling solo pushes me out of my comfort zone to speak to people I usually wouldn’t, and I’ve met some incredible people with incredible stories. Definitely something everyone should try I think 🙂

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