Take that walk!

I do talk and write about workouts at every opportunity I get. It’s just that I cannot imagine my life without it. There may have been phases when I was unable to and you reading this were unable to as well but it’s just a way of life for me and I make sure it’s done in some form or the other, even if that means I am travelling or doing something at weird hours during the day.

Here are some reasons you should take a walk to keep your mojo alive!

  • Views: Look at these flowers and bushes and creepers and the colours and freshness, can’t make you smell them here; but won’t you like to see that instead of just concrete around you while also keeping yourself fit and giving yourself a reason to go out. I have to tell you the fragrances kept lingering.
A burst of colours and freshness
  • Walking into the unknown: I kept walking for long enough (read around 2 hours) and came to this, what looked like a dead end but surprisingly it was not, there was more beyond this freshly painted bright red gate and something peculiar on it caught my eye. Look closer! Any idea what those signs mean? For a closer look, head over to my Instagram stories, there will be more photographs soon.
The path to what seemed like a dead end!
  • Meeting people and other species you may not have met before: Walking deep inside some narrow muddy trails and sidewalks full of trees and creepers and some unknown species singing tunes unknown, I met happy calf grazing in between all the greenery. I met brown dog, who I assume is a friend of the other few I fed one of the days but I didn’t have anything to feed him this time.
The happy calf!
  • New food places and joints: Walks do take you places or should I say you tend to see more then you would if you take a vehicle. I visited the bakery that offers vegan muffins. Am I happy or am I happy? I guess it’s just one option there.
Jo I did think of you and your love for cake!
  • You stay fit: Most importantly you do stay fit and exercise your joints, muscles, and other parts of your body irrespective or how fast or slow your walk is. The takeaway being, you gave your body movement, breaths of fresh air to your lungs, came across other living beings and added some new spirit to your day, to your week.

On that note, why don’t you drop by Jo’s, she does some really beautiful walks and that can also inspire you to do yours. Have a happy week everyone!

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