Statistics and cringeworthy

Some days are filled with sudden internet difficulties, good food, being not as productive as I wished to, dancing like fraggle rock and wondering why people who watch my YouTube videos don’t really hit that subscribe or like. The statistics shows that ONLY 0.53 percent of the total unique viewers to my channel are the ones who subscribed; so that’s a bummer! I turned cringe-worthy typing out an instagram story, while secretly wishing it turned out that way for real while I continue to enjoy making those videos with or without looking at those stats.

There are some cocks and hens doing the rounds as I type this, they have the company of other birds, some cats, kittens and humans of course! Spending some time on the cane swing later might just be one of the many things through the rest of the day. How would you like to shape your day? See you in the comments!

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