Click click!

Photo by Andre Furtado on

It stares at you
You stare back at it
You smile
it focuses on you
You don’t want to sulk
it doesn’t want it either
You say cheese
it sees all your teeth

Capturing it all
Storing it all
It has its way
No one can ever say
but when you look back
Memories! is all you can say

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17 thoughts on “Click click!

      1. That is so funny you ask. I have been working on my December article. It is regarding my connection to Charlie. I have some truly adorable pictures of him that I plan to share. He is a very precious very large old English Sheep Dog / St Bernard mix.

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      2. Oh no, your welcome to follow both💗. I just hadn’t posted pictures of him there but have now. I also followed you on my other one. It should show up there . It also gives me a nice reason to connect with you and share my sweet pup 🐶💗

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