Highlighting another day in my life

7 to 9 PM: I thought I could do with some written rant about a light not-so-welcome dinner. No, that’s not me being finicky but just not wanting to have it. I am more of a wheat person. Sometimes I think I have the capability of gulping a litre if vegan milk in a day — and then continue to wonder if that is weird? Maybe not! Yes you read that right, not having coffee tonight. Given the fact that I barely have other options except soy at the moment. I am happy to welcome dried fruits vegan milk into my life. Has anyone of you had that in your part of the world? I am still waiting to get a stock of vegan chocolates, butter and cheese stocks. I don’t mind some vegan protein shakes but I don’t work out so much these days and I did just fine without protein shakes too when I did, so I am not complaining.

2:30 AM: Being awake in the night just because you don’t feel like sleeping anymore cannot necessarily be termed as being an insomniac, at least not for me; as the sleep goddess was impressed enough to grant me a really good sleep in the earlier part of the night. Actually, there have been days when I was more used to waking up at 3:30 am for A particular reason.

I also binge watched some videos for the fun of it, some I didn’t even watch completely, it did not feel like it so I stopped it in one minute of a 20 minute video. No, the videos might be good to many others of you who might have watched it. It maybe that my hormones, mind and heart didn’t like it at the time that I was watching it — does that happen to some of you? Most of you? All of you? You might just end up watching the same video some other time completely. I am not talking about movies or series videos — season 1, season 2 etc, I watch them completely. I am just talking about some other fun videos, we all know there is so much available on the internet these days — am I right or am I right?

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