Loving it and other things

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with me collaborating with McDonald’s — though I do love McDonald’s but haven’t eaten it in a long time and am craving to have it.

On some days, there’s an unwanted growl — no it’s not a bear or a lion looking at me in the eye. It’s my stomach, it has been growling out of the blue — very unlikely! I thought of picking up something to munch on and so got to visit the grocery store.

I thought of getting a little more productive with my YouTube videos so I made some more, yet to do some basic editing, did some writing too and clicked some photographs as well — like this one!

Oh yes! It does feel good working in the dark sometimes

I am yet to upload them as I was typing this post and patiently waiting for deliveries to happen while I have some other things on top of my head. I am still slacking through travel posts — yes, yet again! I do regret it but I will put up something in the days to come — may all the good forces be with me. Star Wars inspired me to say this — yet again, while I am hoping to get the Harry Potter wand some day!

You might want to scroll through and read what’s in here!

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