Travel benefits

I just thought of having a nice hot coffee but I didn’t feel motivated enough to do that — rather I am in a state of droopy at the moment so I thought might as well write something in here while I am thinking what should be on my platter for my next meal.

I know, you know, we all know that people travel for different reasons. I thought of putting down some things that benefit people after they have traveled and this could be a short trip or even a long one. If you have been active on this site, you know exactly what it does for me and how I feel about it. You can read it here!

Depending on where you go, here’s something that’s bound to happen.

  1. You’re moving out of your usual schedule and place of residence — basically out of your comfort zone.
  2. You’re in a different place — this possibly means different cuisines, different people, different roads, different everything.
  3. You’re sure to interact with people with a different mindset based on their culture, experiences and way of life
  4. You will surely not know something about the place — no matter how much you have been told or you do your own research
  5. You will breathe a different air — you may or may not notice this but it will be different and you will realize this sometime, maybe immediately or later
  6. You will surely learn something new and enjoy the place — at least a little irrespective of your reason for travel.
  7. You will surely shop for something that is a signature of that place — it could be a souvenir or something to wear or something to eat that you will want to take back with you.

Now that I have given you enough reasons to travel, you might as well take your next trip or at the least plan for one and tell me if you feel any of this or maybe you could first take the trip and then read these, you might just be able to tick some of these or maybe all of these. Have a good trip!

  • Beautiful image source: englisheuphoria
  • Edited by: InsideMySlingBag

You dread travelling? Why don’t you have a look at this?

10 thoughts on “Travel benefits

  1. Travel broadens the mind and narrows the Bank account. There are so many benefits to travelling to some place different, it is well worth the cost. Maybe next year, it will be safer. Stay well. Allan

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