Interesting workspaces

Are you feeling lethargic to go to office or are you just not feeling like working from home or have you lost the urge to work at all? Well then I think there is something that might just interest you.

I wanted to express my love for certain workspaces that I have come across many times. To simplify this, these workspaces have an amazing ambiance, free wifi, good food while you work (you have to obviously purchase the food), good sitting area for both you and your laptop or device that you want to work with, extremely efficient, self sufficient along with rightly placed charging points with well lit spaces that also lets you work without being interrupted unless they want to take your food and drink order. Moreover, the staff is extremely welcoming and don’t ask you to leave even if you want to spend the whole day working from there. These workspaces can be used anytime, say for a meeting away from your office or on a day when you don’t want to be home and you don’t want to be in your office either but you do want to work in a different place. A day when your team does not need you around and you want to be working on something else or a day when your boss is away and you want to be away too or a day when you just want to be on your own. Isn’t it amazing? It is more on the lines of remote workspaces and is available in most countries.

I think it is brilliant and the number of people working from such workspaces are increasing over the days along with the number of such workspaces. It could be for a lot of reasons or a kind of evolving new work culture. It could also be about describing F-L-E-X-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y in a different way.

How’s it going with your work week? Has it just begun or yet to begin?

Beautiful image sources: and wework

It’s all going to be okay, here’s some more mojo to keep you going!

2 thoughts on “Interesting workspaces

  1. So glad that I put in my time and was lucky enough to reach retire. I would not have wanted the added stress of trying to do my job during the pandemic. I had a standard office, just as all of these collaborative work space concepts were being tried. I was lucky as that was all I ever knew and I never found it a problem. It gave me the stable structure I needed to do my job well without the distractions of having to book a space for the days I needed it. Yes, I worked long hours and weeks, but the structure allowed me to do that without added hassle. I know times change and I wish for all workers and employees that they are lucky enough to find the system that works the best for them, just as I did. Have a great week. Allan

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    1. It’s nice to know your perspective Allan and there is no escaping from work hours irrespective of the time that you worked in but can’t deny this kinda work culture and system has done good for many.
      You have a great week too and give my love to Patty! Stay warm you two.


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