Morning views and talks

Just another day…

This is not ‘the one’

7:30 am: A peep from the french window in the morning saw some pretty colourful views. For starters, how about a bright green and yellow toy car for kids. The fresh green and dried brown leaves didn’t really make way for a clearer view but it was worth a look and a click.

No, there are no photographs as my phone was messed up and giving it for repairs made a lot of photographs disappear — not for good! This is possibly the first time I did something so stupid — to not have a back up for my photographs but well it happened but it’s fine now.

There is a certain crisp in dried leaves — ever tried stamping on some fallen ones or looking at some of them, reminds you of a change of season, doesn’t it? On some cold days, some of these leaves are put together and burnt for some warmth apart from whatever sweaters and coats, room heaters, others temperature balancing devices and fire places can do inside your home. The barking dog’s loud barks did gain some attention, must be a huge one. Some I-am-not-so-fond-of breakfast menu had to end up with some black coffee shots with a twist — a spicy candy did the trick this time!

9:30 am: Constant morning nagging talks which made no sense when I paid some attention, it led to some swallowing issue in the form of liquid entering the wind pipe instead of the food pipe and a bout of cough that was relentless.

If my mother was around she’d be quick to tell me that someone was remembering me or missing me real bad — now that’s passé!

I continue to look forward to a good day as I type this. When you’re not much of a rice person, it has its own perks — it does have at least for me! A clear communication stating ‘no rice for me’ seemed appropriate but yet there was a lot there and nothing in wheat, didn’t seem good, my tiny paunch was extremely unhappy about this.

Beautiful image sources: first cry and Chicagotribune

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