Paw treats

We all know how much all living organisms including us humans enjoy treats and that could be in any form. Paws are no different and they are happy to consume what we would possibly offer as a reward when your paw does something right or the way you expect it to be done.

What really happens knowingly or unknowingly is that we end up giving treats as a bribe for maybe good behaviour or for obeying your commands. This is also done out of love but it may or may not work in the long run. Consider a day with no treats and someone else in the home trying to take care of your paw. This might just not go well — be it with your paw or with the caretaker. This includes the time when you are trying to get it trained as well. Treats are good and there is no denying about that, but just making that as a motivation to get something done from your paw — think about it!

Beautiful image source: PasteurinstituteIndia

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